Thursday, February 4, 2010

A note on the media

In the interest of being very clear, I want to make sure that it is understood that, while I find most of the media complicit in the decline of representative government, I also respect and defend their absolute right to say whatever they want. One of the things that makes America the great nation it should be are our freedoms. This includes a free unfettered press (which this blog proudly admits to now being part of), regardless of how unbalanced or slanted they are.

The Constitution makes no qualification for the exercise of free speech, expression or the press. In fact, it is intentionally written that way.

Elected officials, while maintaining those same rights, have a duty and obligation that the media does not. Simply put, we do not elect the media, nor are they expected to govern. Unlike the elected charlatans, he media takes no oath to preserve, protect and defend. Nor should they have to. They are responsible to their employers and only their employers.

So while it is fun to rail against the New York Times, Fox or MSNBC, the truth is they have zero requirement to be fair or balanced. They are not even obligated to be honest. And we are not obligated to watch/read them.

We are however bound by the decisions Congress makes, with no regard to how those decisions are made. And therein lies the difference. Hannity or Olbermann make no law, enforce no regulation and levy no taxes. They just talk. While we are required by the corrupted Congress to pay the taxes and follow the laws, we are under no such obligation to watch or read the assorted media.

Please keep that in mind when reading these posts and those on other opinion blogs and web sites. The press is free and needs to remain so, even now, when it appears to all that slanted and selective reporting is the order of the day. They have that right and that right needs to be defended. At the same time, we the suffering people have the right to change the channel.

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