Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Primarily Primaries

Yesterday, several states held primaries leading up to the November election. As has been the case recently, many of these were won by seemingly new faces. Most of the primaries being bandied about today were on the Republican side.

One thing to realize about primaries in mid-term elections is that they tend to have fairly low turnout. This is not to take away from those that won yesterday, but a little perspective never hurts.

One thing was clearly obvious from yesterday's results - those that did turn out for the Republican races are more conservative and want a more conservative government. That is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself.

What makes it a bad thing is that now both parties - the same tired old failed parties that have always lied to us - are somehow claiming that this scattering of primaries and small sampling of voters gives them victories. Both parties are actively lying to us right this minute about yesterday's results.

The Republicans are heralding "America's obvious shift to the right." Nonsense. What shifted to the right are those voters that came out. Not all of America. Not every American voter. They are proudly pointing to those races where even their chosen candidate lost and declaring victory.

Democrats are also trumpeting yesterday's results. They point to the GOP's sharp shift to the right. And again, they massively generalize and marginalize the actual voter in this. They point to the same primaries and call that somehow victorious for them. Their heavily flawed theory is that the perceived shift rightward will benefit them come November since they see America as more Centrist. Donkey-poo if you ask me.

The Tea Party folks point to the few where their candidate won and declare victory. They are the closest to the truth, but not quite there either. Again, those results represent only a small slice to the American electorate and are not indicative of anything other than the feelings of that small slice.

What really happened? Well, folks in those states got sick and tired of the lies and false promises that both parties have been issuing for decades. They finally grew weary of being used as pawns in the Democrat/Republican power game. After all this time, the voters in those states made a choice to try to elect someone who is not part of the extremely inbred 2 party culture.

Inbred? Yes. Heavily inbred. The problem we have now in our political/government structure is that the 2 parties have dominated for so long that they are basically one and the same. Elected officials and party leaders pick candidates that mirror themselves. No divergent views are tolerated. Those that try to voice a different opinion are effectively culled from the herd by these same self serving corrupt leaders.

Republicans are desperate to claim the Tea party as their own, even though it is not. They are happily willing to toss all other Republicans overboard for any winning strategy. Any at all. To them it is not abut ideology or policy. It is only about winning. The same GOP that has been opposed to Medicare is suddenly a constant defender of Medicare. The same GOP that pushed the bailouts from day one now says they are bad.

Democrats are equally dangerous and dishonest. These are the people that cannot utter the word "terrorist." They decry attacks on the US, but refuse to call them what they are. The same Democrats that have claimed to support Israel suddenly cannot wait to blame them for the terror that Israel sees daily. Their kowtowing to political correctness in words leads to inactions that endanger us all. The same Democrats that once advocated for the poor and the working person now leads the bucket brigade in pouring our tax dollars on the largest banks and companies.

Both parties are badly broken and inherently dishonest. Both regard governance as a game to be played for points. Neither cares about anyone except themselves. And neither deserves to govern.

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