Monday, May 3, 2010

Following Up With a Sigh of Relief

Following up on my last post, I just watched Eric Bolling on Happy Hour and he did not repeat the Limbaugh lie even though Democratic strategist Mark Levine gave him numerous openings. I am relieved that Bolling proved me right.

In fact, Bolling was exactly what I had hoped and have come to trust him for - honest. He pointed out that the president is holding BP responsible despite Levine's ravings (and they were ravings.)

Levine charged that BP was only going to pay $75 million even though both Obama and the CEO of BP said otherwise. In fact, Levine was exactly the opportunistic type I mentioned in the past post. A Democrat seizing on a massive disaster to score political points and somehow create a new tax from this.

The only thing Levine was missing was foaming at the mouth. He shouted amazing inaccuracies, all designed to inflame. Bolling never once took the bait and stuck to the facts.

Levine advocated stopping all offshore drilling - an unrealistic position at best. Bolling calmly explained the economic impact of that. Levine wen on and on about the evil oil companies. Again, Bolling stuck to reality and not the fantasy nonsense.

I would say that Levine is one of those looking to score points from the disaster. One of those totally unacceptable political drones that has no care or worry for actual people. One of those that I dislike and have zero respect for.

In a day and age when very few in the media are fair or balanced or even all that honest, it is good to know that some are.


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