Monday, May 24, 2010

The Problem with Incumbents

Sometimes actual events provide the best illustration. In the case of the Arkansas Democratic Senate run-off, this is more evident that ever. Blanche Lincoln faces Bill Halter in the first serious challenge to her extended incumbency. And she is reacting exactly the way incumbents react, with arrogance and hubris.

I recently heard an interview with both candidates on the radio. What immediately struck me was that Lincoln talked about "knowing what the American People want..." and "Americans know me..." Halter on the other hand talked about what Arkansans want.

With zero regard to party and the GOP candidate, Halter is right. Lincoln's endless proselytizing about "The American People," is disingenuous at best. like almost every incumbent in Congress, she has become - in her own mind - too important to just deal with the people that elected her. Like every incumbent in Congress, she has forgotten what it is constituency means.

For Lincoln and the other 530 shameless politicians slowly destroying our country, it is all about the "game." Not about the people of her state or the job she promised to do when she ran over and over. It is all about winning to keep the sacred majority intact. It is a game to her. It is a game to Reid and Pelosi and Boehner and McConnell. All they care about is winning for the sale of winning.

Lincoln typifies this because she is obviously not bright enough to have figured out that the only "American People" that can vote for her are citizens of Arkansas. She is so all consumed with her belief that she had her party know "What America Wants," that she totally ignores what Arkansas need. I think I can safely say that Blanche Lincoln has no clue what Florida needs or what New York wants or what Alabama is worried about.

All she really knows is what the party needs and wants. Same for Republicans who only care about regaining the majority in Congress this year and the White House in 2012. All either party knows is gaining the power. Not using it for the greater good. Not using it to improve America or the lives of Americans. Just getting it. Once they have it, they then begin to scheme to hold on to it. If they lose it, all focus is on regaining it.

No Democrat or Republican has a plan beyond election day. Beyond winning. While we have to plan for all eventualities in life ranging from a flat tire to a hurricane, these clowns in donkey and elephant suits only need to plan the next fund raiser of lobbyist shakedown. Their ability to have a forward looking vision extends to the next election and not one second past.

Well, if they want short sighted, I say let's give it to them. Come November 2, end their time in office and spare them the pressure of looking ahead and having to make choices. Save them the anguish of having to actually take a stand on something or have a plan.

In other words, vote the incumbents out.

In that vein, I am offering T-Shirts with this message.

As a capitalist and a free market person, I am selling them for both profit and with the intent of donating to those candidates that are willing to step outside the parties and declare a concern for the Constitution and the people.

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