Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dividers Divided

As if the seemingly unbridgeable gap between Democrats and Republicans on every issue was not bad enough, the last couple of days have brought us infighting within the 2 tired and corrupt parties. Since they seem so determined to turn every single issue into a wedge issue for the November election, it seems somehow sadly fitting that they should now be fighting among themselves. After all there is no honor among thieves and apparently no loyalty among politicians.

I suppose since they are in power, we should look first at the messy little fight at the very top of the Democratic Party power players. This week saw the false queen of America, Nancy Pelosi, announce that she would support an amendment challenging Obama's strategy for Afghanistan. She wants to bring the troops home now. Today. Regardless of consequence or cost. Why?

Because the false queen has problems at home. It seems that her constituents are no longer happy that she lied to them about her knowledge of waterboarding or military action. It appears that her commitment to country and party only extends as far as the next opinion poll. So, in a rare act, the Speaker of the House announced that she would vote for his amendment despite the damage it might cause to Obama's efforts in Afghanistan. Nancy first, party second, country last.

Now that Obama and Pelosi have managed to turn the already poisonous atmosphere in Washington into an all out war for dominance, the false queen decides she is going to add some more divisiveness for her own benefit. Not that this was not a predictable act. It is not like Nancy was ever anyone's actual friend or actually loyal to anything other than her own ambitions. It is however a cowardly action, since she did it right before leaving town for a week. Now she can go home to her district and proclaim her opposition to a war she has supported for 9 years.

The Democrats have been a divided party forever. Samuel Clemens expressed it best when he said, "I am not a member of any organized party. I am a Democrat." Democrats are not known for orderly process or the lockstep that is (or was) the trademark of the Republican party. For good or bad, the Democrats cannot help but quibble among themselves. The false queen does not help matters nor does Obama himself. they perpetuate the fiction of bipartisanship while secretly doing everything they can to prevent it. And then they happily alienate the more moderate members of the party.

Think about it. A Democrat in the White House and a Dem controlled Congress and they still argue about everything. The House Dems want to go to the hard left extreme while the Senate Dems just want to protect their phony-baloney jobs. And Nancy, the false queen, foments this chaos to keep her power intact.

The GOP should be dancing in the streets over this except their own house is now even more divided than it already was. It has been very obvious that the last year has really divided the GOP. The hard conservatives of the party have taken to ousting anyone who is even vaguely moderate. They have been all about the extreme. And they have been a large contributor to the bitter partisan atmosphere in Washington that has pretty much stopped any kind of progress or recovery. The label, "Party of No," has been an accurate one.

But just this week, GOP Chairman Michael Steele, in his haste to score points against Democrats at any cost, called the war in Afghanistan "a war of Obama's choosing," and not one the US wanted or needs. This despite the fact that we have been there for 9 years and the fact that most Republicans think we need to send more troops there. Steele, who has been committing gaffes at the Biden level, has actually outdone himself. In his desire to smear Obama with anything and everything, he actually agreed with the false queen.

Most senior GOP types want him to resign. Not Karl Rove, but then again, Rove will say almost anything to preserve the facade of a united Republican party. I am sure Steele will step forward and say he misspoke. Sure. That is always a good one. Misspoke. The same way he misspoke when he called government a game in the title of his column on the GOP website. Steele's statement and the reaction from the GOP tells the story of the Party of No. They are so anxious to reject everything and anything this president proposes, they are actually on the verge of rejecting their own war.

The GOP is already a party divided. Between the Tea Party folks, the Palin folks and the mainstream Republicans, they are in the midst of an identity crisis. The phrase "Republican in Name Only" should tell that story. Apparently some Republicans want to tell other Republicans what they should think and say. Otherwise, they are tossed out of the club. As far as I can tell, any Republican that dares agree with Obama on anything, including the day of the week, is simply out. It does not mater what the issue is. Even on those issues where they agree, they oppose anyway.

And what does all of this mean to us, the long suffering and ignored people of America? Well, it means we are the pawns in their pathetic chess game. We are the people they all claim to represent, while ignoring us totally. What is means is that until one of both parties are gone and replaced, we will continue to have a dysfunctional government. We will continue to have a Congress that exists solely to get itself reelected. We will continue to be the victims of their little game.

Well, we don't have to be. In November, we can send them all home. Permanently. Democrats and Republicans need to be tossed out of office and replaced with pretty much anyone. Seriously. We could not do a lot worse. They may be playing the game, but we can end it on November 2.

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