Thursday, July 15, 2010

Settled But Not Resolved

Back on April 16th, before BP became the most hated corporation in America, the then most hated - Goldman Sachs - was sued by the SEC for fraud. I said then that Goldman would settle for very little money and not admit any wrongdoing.

Well guess what happened today? Financial Reform passed. And Goldman settled for $550 million and no admission of wrongdoing. They did admit to some errors in marketing, but no actual wrongdoing.

In other words, the administration's crack economic team accepted a fine that, in Goldman money, is the same as a traffic ticket and let them totally off the hook for any actual violations. In fact, Mary Schapiro's improved and more efficiently corrupt SEC pretty much acknowledged that Goldman played within the rules when they withheld important information from clients.

I knew it. I knew this administration wouldn't see it through. I knew Goldman would buy their way out of this. I knew the already failed economic team would let them off the hook.

This is why the Financial Reform bill is a waste of time and not needed. Because there is still zero appetite for actually enforcing the existing laws. Because all that will happen is Obama's pre-failed economic team will have more laws and regulations to not enforce and whole new agencies will be formed - probably headed by previously failed administrators - and they will also not enforce anything.

The settlement was predictable. It is how the SEC has operated for years and years. It is how almost all government regulation of large entities works. File some charges, hold a great press conference, wait 90 days and the quietly settle for a small fine and no actual wrongdoing.

And this administration obviously wants to follow in that tradition. Sure, we can send a CEO to prison for an umbrella stand, but prosecute a firm that was at the heart of the meltdown? Prosecute a firm that somehow profited from the meltdown? Nope. Not in the Hope and Change playbook.

See, it still comes back to the same song. Bernanke, Geithner, Schapiro and the rest are the same folks that brought you this meltdown recession. Why would they want to actually go to court where it might be revealed that their incompetence and laziness was a prime contributor to this mess. It was, after all, Geithner who saw to it that Goldman got paid every dime AIG owed when everyone else got bupkes. And it was Bernanke who granted a commercial bank charter on a Sunday with no waiting period to get Goldman their chunk of free TARP money. And Schapiro? She watched all of this unfold.

The last thing Obama's failed team wants is for this to be heard in a court of law. They cannot afford any sworn testimony as to their complicity in this mess. And who pays? Well, we do, of course. That $550 million is nothing when stacked next to the $13 billion Little Timmy Geithner and Benny Bernanke took from taxpayers to give to AIG to pay Goldman 100 cents on the dollar. Our money is paying the fine. And Schapiro endorses this - is even proud of it.

So the new financial reform bill? Pointless before it is law. The idea that new laws unenforced are any better than old laws unenforced is either a definition of insanity or a very well thought out scam. Either way, not good for us. Some promise repeal. Nonsense. Repeal just does not happen.

In 1994, Republicans took control of Congress on a promise to repeal the Brady Gun Control Act. Well, every word of Brady is still in place. Not even a change. Repeal is a lot harder to accomplish and is empty a promise as is Change. It sounds great to rally the troops, but it is not realistic.

Where is the Congress? They are pretending this is not even happening. Democrats are happily pointing to their shiny new law and declaring all problems magically solved. Republicans are pointing to the new law and raising money from Wall Street on the false promise of repealing it. In other words, same stuff, different day on the Hill.

We can change things a little by simply standing up on November 2 and voting the Congress out of office. One last great layoff of 470 or so corrupt Democrat-Republicans who have totally games the system to benefit themselves. On November 2, fire the stinking lot of them and let's get a real new team in place.

I am selling shirts with this campaign slogan to make my point and hopefully move some votes back to the reality side of the ledger.
As a capitalist and a free market person, I am selling them for both profit and with the intent of donating to those candidates that are willing to step outside the parties and declare a concern for the Constitution and the people.

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