Monday, March 22, 2010

And so it goes.....

So the false queen raised her gavel and her disciples gave tribute in the form of our riches. They ignored our pleas and passed the travesty anyway. Even though millions of us asked them not to. Even though they knew it was wrong.

And they did it on a Sunday night. When all of the horrible decisions of the last 3 years have been made. I was so angry last night after the so-called vote, that I chose not to post here. It would have made no sense and only been a reflection of anger felt from sea to shining sea.

What made it worse from my perspective was that Pelosi, after all of her yammer about leadership could not see fit to perform her actual job as Speaker and chair the House personally. No. That would be beneath her. She delegated her leadership to a lackey and chose instead to make an Academy Award style thank you speech on the floor of the house. It is as if, having ignored the Constitution, she chose to also ignore the post she vied for and claims to cherish. Instead, she played for the glory and fame.

And why would the President of the United States need to personally make a midnight statement? The deed was done. Did he feel this was actually a victory of some kind, or perhaps the need to somehow justify the Sunday night attack on our dignity.

Dignity? Yes, dignity. For me, the single worst part of that bill is the individual mandate. The requirement that all Americans have government approved health insurance or pay an additional tax. The audacity to take away our freedom to choose whether or not to carry insurance. The insult to our dignity as free thinking adults. The assumption that we, the people, cannot make this choice for ourselves. That only the government, in distant Washington, can make a clear choice.

The irony is that these are the same people that proclaim to be "pro-choice." But not where our money is concerned. There, they feel that we cannot make our own decisions.

Republican Congressmen - do not feel good about your role here. You tried, but only half-hearted. And this morning, when the sun rose on an angry nation, all you could talk about was using this travesty of Congress as some kind of electoral tool. For shame. We did not send you there to game play. We did not elect you to somehow make a victory for yourselves out of our defeat.

Yet, there you are, talking about "retaking the House." Well, here is something to consider. It is not your House. It is not the Democrat's House. It is the People's House. Our House. And you do not own it. In fact, as the landlords, we just might have to evict you along with the Democrats.

For too long both sides have treated it as their own. They forget that it belongs to all of the people, and not just the bloated 535 that work there. Work there. That is the key phrase. To all of the House and Senate, remember, you are our employees. That is our money you are paid with. It is our labor that fills your coffers.

To the president, with all due respect, I say think about what had to be done to pass this thing. Was that your intent during the campaign? To subvert the will of the people in the middle of a Sunday night? To allow Pelosi to ride roughshod over everyone? To encourage the further erosion of the people's trust in you and Congress? Well, regardless of the intent, that is what happened. In your name, this false queen tormented her subjects in Congress. In your name, she cheated, lied and deceived. think about that next time you meet with her. Ask her if she knows the damage she has done. Ask her if she understands the harm and unintended consequences of this action. And whatgever, she tells you, know one thing - she is probably lying to you.

Well, as they say, one cannot unspill the milk. But we can make sure the next milk we get is not as prone to spillage.

We have the final say. We make the final choice. And come November, we get to fire all of them. Republicans and Democrats alike.

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