Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Chance to Make a Stand

So now we come down to it. The weekend where we find out if Congress represents us, the suffering people, or simply does the bidding of Queen Nancy the last. And regardless of it being health care or anything else, what matters most now is the process.

I say that because that is where my true concern lies.

Before I continue, let me make an important point. In most other nations, when this kind of thing happens, they resort to violence. Look at the recent riots in Greece over financial restraint. Or Paris over the length of the work week and job security. Here in the United States of America, we don't do that. We protest peacefully - as the Tea party folks have - and we write letters. As Carole says, we type in all caps. But we do not resort to violence. Why? Because regardless of the machinations of Pelosi and company, Americans understand that we do have the final say at the ballot box. No matter how heated the rhetoric, we do not burn down the barn. No matter how deep the anger, we do not take it out on our fellow Americans.

I am always proud of my country, and even more so now. Sure, our government appears poised to defy our will. And, yet, we remain peaceful, but angry. No matter how mad we get at Congress, we will take the American way. The peaceful protest, the principled opposition. The simple fact that I can blog away like this and our press remains free, even if to slant their reporting, is what has made this nation the greatest and strongest in history. And it is what will keep us there. Because we know that come November and come 2012, we get to choose who takes the reins of this great engine of freedom. So, to all who bother to read my scribblings, protest away. Make your voice heard on either side of this debate. But do so with respect. Not respect for the fools on Capitol Hill, but respect for all that have fought and died to give us this freedom. For those brave men, who in the darkest hours in 1775 chose to fight for the freedoms we enjoy. Respect them and honor their desire for a great nation. We are, and always will be America.

Back to the process about to unfold. I am in Fort Worth this weekend on business, which gives me an opportunity to hear from all kinds of new - to me - people about what is happening. And thus far, nobody likes it. Not the people on my flight, or the barista at Starbucks, or the flight attendant on my plane this morning. Nobody. They are mad at Congress for what is seen as an usurpation of our democratic process. And the anger in truly bipartisan, as it should be. This is all anybody is talking about and not too kindly. We are paying attention.

Both parties have failed us and done so with an arrogance that is epic, to put it gently. Both have chosen to put party before people and electoral points before governance. As the name of this blog points out, they are treating this as a game to be scored and recorded for later awards. I would say we are the pawns, but it is not that good. We are barely worthy of their notice.

My pathetic excuse for a congressman - Kendrick Meek - had the audacity to announce his yes vote before the bill was ever published. He was voting yes no matter what it said. Well, that is an abrogation of his duty to me and the Constitution. Blind obeisance to the false queen of Congress is a failure of his oath of office.

As I believe I said in an earlier post, I am proudly and stubbornly No Party Affiliation. My vote is decided based on the candidate, not the party. It is time for more Americans to discard their party label and stand for what matters - our freedom, our Constitution, our laws and rules.

In that vein, I ask all who read here to please make that last call to their Congress Critter. Tell them to simply refuse to vote. Not a no or yes - but no vote. Why? Because the vote, as planned, is not valid and represents a tremendous betrayal of our way - the American way. Tell them not to participate in this sham. Not to line up and march in lockstep. Tell them to develop some spine and make a stand. For us, the people. For what we believe in and what we want. And make sure they know that we do not want some late night, back room, closed door, deal ridden piece of legislative junk.

Tell them we want a considered, open and thoughtful debate on the issue. And if we do not get that, then we the employers will be laying off 435 bad employees come November. Because that is the true power of the people that our Founding Fathers fought and died for. That every member of our armed forces put on the uniform and went into harm's way for. That every good American of conscience pines for.

Tell them to recall their oath of office and to fulfill it or to clean out their desks.

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