Sunday, March 14, 2010

Health Care - the Procedural Prognosis

So the giant health care bill released in the middle of the night on a Sunday is actually the framework to be somewhat stripped and redone as they reconcile the bill.

Congratulations to the Congressional leadership for continuing a decades long tradition of misleading and misdirecting actions to conceal their true decision.

Maybe page 2079 - Wellness Programs - is more their true intent. Grants and special programs for companies that try behavior modification on employees to get them to stop smoking or make them eat healthy (at least "healthy" as defined by government) and the like. Sounds like the nonsense the Waxmans and Stupaks pump out daily.

Or the innumerable, Commissions, Panels, Boards and Task Forces this thing creates. All paid on a per diem, but not really federal employees. Sounds like a jobs for lobbyists program to me. And sounds a lot like the kind of garbage Pelosi, Reid, McConnell and Boehner peddle all the time.

So not only won't they put the thing to a simple up or down vote - they release this version to make sure they make their promise of days of public review before the rigged vote while they secretly rewrite it before the rigged vote.

And what is the deal with the Sunday night thing? Remember all those stupid bailouts? Sunday night. Bear Stearns gifted to JP Morgan on a Sunday night. Lehman shut down on a Sunday night. Goldman bank charter - Sunday night. And so on. Now health Care - Sunday night.

I do not know a nice way to put this, so let it be plain. Over the last 3 years, anything our government has done on a Sunday night has most likely been something we didn't want and didn't need. If only they would just not come back Monday morning.

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